Catch Fine Table Gaming at the Oxford Downs Poker Room

Catch Fine Table Gaming at the Oxford Downs Poker Room
Catch Fine Table Gaming at the Oxford Downs Poker Room

Oxford Downs Poker Room is one of Central Florida’s most dynamic gaming outlets. So if you’re in the area and you’d like to get in on some fine live table gaming action, then look no further than Oxford Downs.

Like many gaming outlets in Florida, you will find no real slot machines, dining options other than the Tiki Bar, or even a vast selection of gaming promotions here. But again, if you love traditional and Vegas-style poker games, you will love the Oxford Downs Poker Room.

Today’s post will tell you all about the gaming and other activities you will come across here. We will also include a Dining Section, which will let you in on some nearby outlets, along with accommodations and attractions that sit nearby.

Let’s get started with an Overview.

Overview of Oxford Downs Poker Room

You will find the Oxford Downs Poker Room located at 17996 S. US Hwy in Summerfield, Florida.

Gaming-wise, you’re getting a bit more than just poker in both the traditional and Vegas-style realm.

You will find some modest promotions, but they’re nothing spectacular, as is the case in many of these card rooms slash simulcast betting outlets. And while they have no real dining options here, you will find a cool Tiki Bar that puts on events and specials throughout the calendar year.

You will need to go elsewhere for all things dining and accommodation-wise, which we will discuss in the following sections. However, we will discuss their Tiki Bar if you’re looking to stay at the venue.

Also, you’ll find a few cool attractions and other points of interest in the area. So if you’re looking for a few ideas on how to spend your time in Summerfield, the bottom section is a must-read.

Are you ready to see exactly what kind of gaming Oxford Downs offers?

Keep reading.

Gaming and Promotions at Oxford Downs Poker Room

You’re getting a plethora of poker games at the Oxford Downs Poker Room. The aforementioned link will give you a rundown on the ranking of the hands, plus short tutorials on how to play the games that the gaming venue offers. So if you’d like to walk in there like a champ, click the above link for the rundown.

They also offer Vegas-style games, but sources are mum on which games they offer. However, judging from photos on the website, they do offer games like Pai Gow and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em, so you’re in luck if you’re looking for something more into the Vegas realm.

You will find little in the way of promotions at the Oxford Downs Poker Room. Other than the occasional high hand on select Fridays and Saturdays, expect little in terms of promos. However, they offer some great payouts, so if you have the lucky high hand, you will probably pull a profit for the night.

Dining at and Near Oxford Downs Poker Room

You will probably need to go elsewhere unless you’re looking to dine at Oxford Downs Poker Room’s Tiki Bar. Open 5 days a week from 11 am until 10 pm (or as they say when the party ends) on Sundays and Wednesdays, and from 11 am until 2 am Thursday through Saturday, come over and see what’s happening.

Best yet, you can dine in to escape the heat or if you’re looking to catch those Florida sun rays, sit outside and enjoy the weather. They have a full menu here at the Tiki Bar that includes soups and salads, wings, pizza, pasta, and spuds.

But if you’re looking for more, you will need to dine elsewhere, so we included a few more hot spots in the area in this section if you’re curious to see what else is out there.

Artman Country Smokehouse is a great option when you’re looking for even more American fare with a spicey, barbeque twist. It’s a little pricey, but as one of the most popular restaurants around it’s more than worth venturing out to. Find it at 6900 SE Highway in Summerfield.

Little Joey’s Italian Restaurant is where it’s at when you’re looking for authentic Italian fare. They offer vegetarian options and reviewers rave about their pizza. It’s at 16840 S US Highway 441 in Summerfield, and when you’re looking for a traditional Mom and Pop outlet, Little Joey’s epitomizes it.

Sam’s St. John’s Seafood features cost-effective options priced between $7 and $14, so it’s great when you’re looking for ways to refrain from breaking the bank. They have American, seafood, and gluten-free options here, and are located at 17860 SE 109th Avenue in Summerfield.

As you can see, the best places to dine are outside Oxford Downs. And don’t limit yourself to the outlets listed above. Summerfield has all kinds of good restaurants and the list in this section is just a way to throw you a few ideas.

Accommodations Near Oxford Downs Poker Room

Are you planning on spending time in Summerfield?

Unfortunately, you will find no accommodations at the Oxford Downs Poker Room. However, the area surrounding Summerfield is laden with places to stay, a couple of which we will cover in this section.

If you’re looking for a proven outlet, check out the Hampton Inn & Suites Lady Lake/The Villages. Located at 11727 NE 63rd Dr, The Villages, Florida, this three-star hotel features a green slash business atmosphere.

A family-friendly spot, they have family rooms, non-smoking rooms, and suites. Like most Hamptons, you’re getting a complete air conditioning unit, a safe, a flatscreen television, a microwave, and room service.

Property amenities make this place click with their resort pool, free parking, free breakfast, pet-friendly rooms, free Wi-Fi, fitness center, books, and other fun things for kids, plus a business center with internet access.

You’re getting family rooms, non-smoking rooms, and suites here. They offer dry cleaning services, free parking, free Wi-Fi, breakfast, meeting rooms, and a pool.

Besides the plethora of amenities, you’re also in a decent location and within walking distance from entertainment and nightlife outlets, shopping centers, and more.

If you’re looking for something more unique yet sophisticated, Shamrock Thistle & Crown Bed and Breakfast is the opportune place to book your stay.

Attractions Near Oxford Downs Poker Room

Now that you have an idea of where to eat and where to stay, the final section of today’s post will talk about attractions located near Oxford Downs Poker Room.

Dragon Flower Winery is located at 11025 SE Highway 42 in Summerfield, and it’s the opportune spot to sample some local wines and perhaps find your next favorite flavors. They boast a friendly owner, and they go into detail regarding the wines that they make right on the site.

If you’ve won something over at Oxford Downs Poker Room, you may want to spend some of those winnings in The Markets of Marion. Located at 12888 SE US Highway 441 in Belleview, Florida, this flea market boasts an eclectic selection of items sure to satisfy guests of all ages and interest levels.

Look further, as it’s a diving cavern. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable underwater adventure, Paradise Springs guarantees it. Here, you’ll find prehistoric fossils embedded into the limestone walls that at one time, rested beneath the sea.

It costs $30 to enter, and it’s worth every penny to see a piece of prehistory that continues to exist well into the 21st Century.


Oxford Downs Poker Room isn’t the place that you will spend much longer than a few hours. But if you’re into traditional and Vegas-style card games, it’s an ideal place for you. Plus, there is always something fun going on over at the Tiki Bar.

But the real fun begins when you venture out into the surrounding area. From the dining to resort-style accommodations, and even the few attractions listed in today’s post, you’re in for quite an adventure when you travel to the Gainesville-Ocala region once you’ve played enough at Oxford.

While Oxford isn’t the most exciting venue, it’s definitely in an exciting region in which you can turn into an unforgettable vacation.

Have you played at Oxford Downs Poker Room? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to reading your stories.


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