There are many reasons why it is important to keep a business card of a locksmith in Herzliya and save the number in a mobile phone memory.

The most common calls that our company receives are emergency calls made by people who accidentally locked their keys inside their home or vehicle or those who got their keys lost or stolen. These individuals did not anticipate their emergency locksmith situation, which is why they were caught off guard.

At 24h Locksmiths Locator, we are always waiting on standby to assist you with your emergency locksmith needs, day or night. Our company is nationwide, but we have qualified and local emergency locksmiths . And what’s more, our locksmiths are all outfitted with every locksmith tool they could possibly need for almost every kind of emergency. So when you call our emergency locksmith hotline, our nearest mobile locksmith will arrive within 30min and can fix your locksmith problem on the spot.

24/h! locksmith services in Herzliya


Being locked out of your home is frustrating, and a call to us will bring not only fast response but friendly, professional service. We’ll get you into your home without doing any damage. What’s even worse than being locked out is discovering you’re the victim of a home burglary. Either someone has picked your lock, forced a door open, or found a vulnerable entry point to exploit. In any case, our 24-hour locksmiths will be there in minutes to make things better. We can re-key your locks or install new ones. We can change the code on your alarm system or make sure your garage door locks, a major entrance point for home burglars, is not faulty.  And we’ll assess your situation and give you good advice on prevention. For instance, that strike plate may not have been strong enough; or the glass door may need a lock with key entry on both sides.

Our experienced, qualified and reliable residential locksmiths know these things, which makes us the best 24h locksmith around.


The security features that can manufacturers have put in place in our vehicles over the past 20 years have made our automobiles much safer. But they’ve also made things more technical. That is why having a car locksmith expert to solve your particular issue is so important. Our auto locksmiths have all of the tools and know-how to help you out of any jam. We can get you into your car without doing damage; replace or reprogram transponder keys, or help you free that key stuck in the ignition. We’ll reach you fast, get the job done in a professional manner, and get you on your way ASAP. Our 24 hours locksmith can help you out while charging you a reasonable rate that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


When your business security has been breached, or when you find you’ve been locked out of your own office, you need an emergency locksmith on the double! It might be a case of corporate espionage, or a simple burglary, or even a disgruntled ex-employee trying to get payback. For whatever reason, if your office has been broken into, it would be wise to make sure all your locks are replaced, that your alarm codes are changed and that all your filing cabinet locks are up to date. And, in fact, you should request a professional locksmith assessment to find the weak point of entry into your business where the break-in occurred and ensure it doesn’t happen again got their keys.


It has happened to most of us at one time or the other. You walk out of your house to pick up the mail and realize you’ve locked yourself out, or you get out of the car to grab a cup of coffee, come back and…oops! You forgot your key in the ignition and now the doors are locked. After you’ve cursed yourself, what’s next? If you have the number of a good 24-hour locksmith on hand, you’re okay. At 24h Locksmiths Locator, we handle locksmith emergencies all the time and we pride ourselves on our quick response times so that you can get back to your daily routine without skipping a beat.

As with all things affected by Murphey’s law, you’ll find, as we have, that most emergency locksmith situations happen during the late-night hours, during the morning rush hour before work or on weekends and holidays. These issues require fast responses, which is why you should always have the number of a fast and reliable 24h locksmith company on hand. Most locksmith companies are not available after hours or require you to come into their shop to get help.


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