Spotify App Not Playing Songs? 4 Ways to Fix

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If you’re wanting to dance to your songs you love, but Spotify does not play songs, it can destroys your day. Although Spotify App is an outstanding music streaming application however, there are some problems frequently encountered by users. We all know how irritating it can be when Spotify does not play your most-loved music. This is why you must discover the best way to solve the issue.

To solve the Spotify problems with songs not playing There are a variety of options and fast solutions are on the table. Although there are numerous causes that could cause Spotify not to play music It is essential to pinpoint what could be the cause. You may not have time to pinpoint the cause. We have given a number of options to resolve the issue

Fixing Spotify App Inability to Play Songs/Can’t Play the Song currently playing

It is possible to ask what causes your Spotify app can be in trouble. It is important to note that this issue could be because of issues with the Spotify application, subscription issues corrupted or damaged files, or an application glitch. If your Spotify isn’t working properly The following suggestions should aid.

We’ve collected a number of solutions that work to solve the problem. Try either or all of these solutions and determine which is the most effective for your needs.

1. Restart Spotify

Spotify can’t play the current song is not unusual for its users. There are times when it experiences an issue or crash which causes a range of issues. The first and most simple solution is to reboot your Spotify. A lot of users discover the restarting of Spotify is all they have to do to eliminate the problem. A simple restart can allow you to refresh your system to ensure that it functions correctly.

In order to restart Spotify app, you’ll have to shut down the app and then launch it again. However, if you’re making use of your browser to access the website player of Spotify close and restart your browser. Examine if you’re able to make Spotify works normal. If not, go to the other solutions.

2. Restart your device

No matter if you’re using a desktop or smartphone restarting your device is a possibility that can be an option to solve Spotify problems with playing tracks. Like restarting the app, restarting your either your desktop or phone will eliminate any issue that caused the problems. Restarting your device will help refresh the system to improve performance.

When you have restarted your cell or computer, you can restart the application or web application. If the error continues, just restarting the device isn’t enough. Explore other solutions to ensure to ensure that your Spotify will function effectively.

3. Change subscription level

Changes in the subscription level may cause errors when using Spotify. A few users have reported this issue after reverting from Premium to a Free account. If you suspect that this is the reason behind Spotify not being able to play music, make sure you modify Your Spotify Settings. This guideline should assist you.

  • Start your Spotify and sign into your account.
  • Go to Settings located in the upper-right corner.
  • Search for Music Quality, and then adjust the settings to less than Very High. This option is available to Premium users only.

Another consequence of downgrading is that it’s impossible to listen to music downloaded. If you’re using Premium it is easy to download the music to listen offline. However, if you transfer to a Free account and this feature is not available, and may make Spotify not to play the songs.

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4. Reinstall Spotify

Errors in playing music could be due to corrupted or damaged files. If this happens then the only way to fix it is to reinstall the app. The first step is to remove the Spotify app on your device before reinstalling it again the next time. To ensure that the application is completely deleted, clear all Spotify files that are in the C folder on your PC. After you have removed and uninstalled Spotify from your computer, you will need to download and install the app. This will fix the issue.


We are aware that Spotify App does not play music is annoying since you are unable to play your favorite songs. However, there are many solutions to help solve the problem. These solutions are efficient to remove Spotify error, as per numerous users who have experienced the same issue. Try it!


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