Best High-Limit Casino Games with Live Dealers

Best High-Limit Casino Games with Live Dealers
Best High-Limit Casino Games with Live Dealers

The virtual casino industry is constantly evolving, presenting innovative solutions that can make one’s online experience extremely realistic. One of the most popular ways to make your virtual casino more authentic is to play in Live Casinos with real dealers. Thanks to the innovative technology used in Live Casino streaming, players can see the game evolving in real-time, before their eyes.

There are several major software providers known to offer the best live-dealer solutions, offering players the chance to play their favorite table games in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to that, more companies start offering live-dealer options, allowing casino fans to choose from live tables with ranging limits and various features.

The Live Casino experience is definitely very suitable for players who enjoy making higher bets. While most software companies make sure to provide enough options for every type of player, some specialize in providing exclusive VIP tables that specifically cater to high-rollers.

Players who have enough funds to make higher bets can join such tables and play for potentially bigger wins. Such tables are often accepting only a single player at a time, with the dealer giving her/his full attention to the VIP member who has joined the game. Although one could stumble upon various Live Casino options, there are several live-dealer games that offer higher limits and present the best gaming experience online.

Leading Software Providers of High-Limit Live Casino Games

Leading Software ProvidersWhen it comes to live-dealer games that are suitable for high-rollers, there are a few software companies that have provided the best gaming options available online. Whether you are looking for a classy design, charming dealer, easy navigation, or betting limits to fit your gaming style, you can find all of that in the games of Evolution Gaming, Playtech, and Ezugi.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution GamingWhile Evolution Gaming is known for providing a wide range of fun variations of table games and Live Gaming Shows, it is also one of the top providers of high-limit Live Casino games. If you join a virtual casino that offers live-dealer games by Evolution Gaming, you will have the chance to play roulette, blackjack, and poker with higher limits. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy a VIP experience playing your preferred casino games.

To specifically cater to VIP players, Evolution launched its Salon Privé live-dealer games. These gaming options are hosted by professional dealers who are dedicated only to a single player at a time. The Salon Privé games entice with their design, with tables resembling the ones available at classy land-based casinos. The one-on-one VIP sessions will allow high rollers to enjoy a private gaming experience and bet on high-limit blackjack, roulette, and baccarat tables.

In addition to the private VIP tables, Evolution Gaming is also offering high-limit options available for multiple players at a time, with tables allowing extremely high bets. The Live Casino lobby of Evolution Gaming hosts a wide range of VIP roulette and blackjack tables, with high rollers also having the chance to bet on high-limit Auto Roulette. As the software company also allows personalized design, you can often enjoy live-dealer games with a specific design that can make the whole experience even more enjoyable.


PlaytechPlaytech is another great software provider for live-dealer options, allowing players to enjoy a very realistic high-end casino experience without leaving the comfort of their homes. Not only does Playtech provide a variety of Live Casino options, suitable for various casino fans, but it also caters to high rollers.

When you play online, you will discover that the Playtech Live Casino lobby is offering quite a few high-stakes games. If you are a fan of higher bets that can bring bigger wins, you can try some of the VIP options of Playtech. Among the live-dealer variations that allow much higher bets, you will come across games like Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Blackjack, and Roulette.

Playtech has made sure that its VIP tables have the elegant design of tables that can be seen at high-class brick-and-mortar casinos. In addition to higher betting limits, the games incorporate various exclusive options like requesting another dealer or choosing to continue to play with the same dealer once the current gaming session expires. Reshuffling or a change of the shoe are also among some of the VIP features you can enjoy with Playtech’s VIP games.


EzugiAnother software developer that is known for providing a wide range of high-quality live-dealer games is Ezugi. Similar to Evolution Gaming, to offer a superb VIP experience, Ezugi offers private live tables that cater to a single player at a time. The VIP games offer high rollers a wide range of games with higher betting limits, allowing them to enjoy a very exciting gaming experience in the comfort of their homes.

Ezugi is offering live tables that operate 24/7 or one could choose to offer live-dealer options that operate in specific hours. Of course, private tables are perfect for VIP players as they will have the chance to make much higher bets and play for more generous wins. The private VIP tables of Ezugi include roulette, Casino Hold’em, and blackjack variations.

Things to Consider Before Playing High-Limit Live Casino Games

High-Limit Live Casino GamesBefore you jump head-first into VIP Live Casino betting, there are a few things you should know. While some virtual casinos allow players to test some virtual games before they make real-money wagers, this option is not available in Live Casino lobbies. You need to make sure you have a sufficient amount of money in your balance to be able to play your preferred live-dealer games. This is especially true for high-stake options as they are suitable for high rollers who can afford riskier bets.

Even if you are interested in the VIP experience, we suggest you stick to low-limit tables if you do not have enough money to enjoy long gaming sessions. Live Casinos offer plenty of variations suitable for recreational players, offering the same exciting experience but allowing casino members to play longer. If you, however, can afford higher stakes, make sure that you have deposited enough money into your gaming account before you join a VIP live table.

Another thing to consider before playing high-limit live-dealer games is the withdrawal limits of the casino where you play. If you are willing to place higher wagers, then you are expecting higher returns when you are on a winning streak. Naturally, this would mean you would like to be able to cash out your profit when you are done playing. Some online casinos, however, may have lower withdrawal limits that may not be suitable for you. What you can do is contact the support team of the casino and ask if you can set up higher limits or if they offer a VIP program you can join to be able to request higher withdrawals.

One thing that can be very beneficial to your Live Casino playing is redeeming different types of incentives. Some interactive casinos offer special offers that can be used only in the Live Casino lobby. A generous offer with reasonable terms and conditions can significantly boost your winning chances during VIP gaming sessions. Make sure, however, that the terms and conditions of the bonus are easy to meet and you will benefit from redeeming the promotion.

Best High-Limit Live-Dealer Casino Games

Best High-Limit Live-Dealer Casino GamesIf you are looking for options that will cater to your high-roller preferences, then you can start with a few Live Casino games that will offer a superb gaming experience. These variations of classic table games will offer higher limits, exclusive VIP features, special bets, exclusive one-on-one gaming sessions, and a very elegant design.

Salon Privé Live Baccarat

Salon Privé Live BaccaratThe classy game of baccarat has always been a favorite option of high rollers at brick-and-mortar casinos. Now, thanks to the software solutions of Evolution Gaming, players who enjoy higher stakes can play Salon Privé Baccarat. This game offers a dedicated private baccarat table that any high-roller player can join and make the bets to suit their gaming style.

The design set of the game is reminiscent of Macau-style casinos, giving high rollers a very authentic gaming experience. Being a live table dedicated to VIP players, one could join Salon Privé Baccarat with a minimum balance of €6,000. The minimum bet is €1,000, while the maximum can go up to €10,000 or higher per hand. When someone is playing the game, the table will have the sign “In Use” while you browse in the Live Casino lobby. Meanwhile, when you join the exclusive baccarat table, no other players will be able to watch your game. VIP players have the option to request a “Free Hand’, an option available at VIP Baccarat rooms in land-based Macau casinos.

Soiree Blackjack

Soiree BlackjackPlaytech offers high rollers a superb casino experience with its Soiree Blackjack live-dealer variation. Those who are excited to enjoy a high-class casino experience will be able to join Soiree Blackjack and play a great variant of the game of 21. As the game is targeting high rollers, the bet limit starts higher at €50 but it is still a reasonable minimum that many players could afford. The maximum bet is capped at €10,000, allowing VIP players to make higher bets and play for better payouts.

Unlike the Salon Priveé games by Evolution Gaming, Soiree Blackjack welcomes several players at the same time. Once the 30-minute session of a dealer expires, players who have joined the table can decide to continue playing with the same dealer or choose a new one. One of the VIP features of the game allows players to choose a shoe change or a reshuffle of the deck.

To make the experience even more enjoyable, Soiree Blackjack also features side bets like Perfect Pairs and 21+3. Since the table does not operate 24/7, players will have to check the Live Casino lobby where they are playing to view the operating hours of the game.

Salon Privé Roulette

Salon Privé RouletteAnother great addition to Evolution Gaming’s Salon Privé options allows high rollers to bet on European-style roulette. Like the rest of the exclusively dedicated tables of the Live Casino provider, the roulette version also requires a higher balance of at least €10,000. When compared to Evolution Gaming’s Auto VIP Roulette, the speed of the Salon Privé version is slower.

Thanks to a “Spin Now” option, players can control the speed of sessions. What is more, like any other Salon Privé game, this one has a dedicated VIP manager who will make sure that everything during the gaming session is conducted properly.

Auto VIP Roulette

Auto VIP RouletteIf you are looking for a VIP experience that allows you to make higher bets and play for a lot more generous payouts, you can also try Auto VIP Roulette. It is preferred by many high rollers as it allows gaming sessions of a much higher speed, with lightning roulette wheel spins that many VIP players enjoy.

This variation is also powered by Evolution Gaming, catering specifically to high-roller players. As the name of the game suggests, instead of having a real dealer spinning the roulette wheel, it spins automatically, generating between 60 to 80 spins per hour. The ball is launched into the wheel thanks to a slingshot mechanism, with the high-tech streaming technology of Evolution Gaming allowing players to easily follow the outcome of every spin.

While Auto VIP Roulette is suitable for recreational players, the highest bet that can be placed is capped at €20,000. This gives high rollers a great opportunity to enjoy higher payouts at a much faster pace. Placing bets is extremely easy and you can even place your chips after the wheel starts spinning. Once the wheel starts slowing down, however, you can no longer make bets until the next betting session starts. The best thing about Auto VIP Roulette is that the table is operating 24/7.

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