It can be really scary at first if you are new to a casino setup.  Money coming and going, players applauding and high-fiving, dealers dealing, and casino personnel scurrying back and forth might be overwhelming for someone who is unfamiliar with the casino scene.

Such concerns will not exist if you visit an online casino. You can play any game you want for any amount of money – or even play chips if you choose. You can have fun, make mistakes, get lucky, and do pretty much everything you want without fear of being judged. If that’s your thing, you can even play in your housecoat.

Having said that, you will still be unfamiliar with the games available in Betway casino Zambia or any other online casino. The good news is that some are easier to learn and experiment with than others. So, here are our picks for the top casino games for newbies.



Since everyone is familiar with slots, slot machines are the most basic of gambling games. Of course, some are more complicated than others, but pressing the start button can’t be that difficult.

Most casinos like Betway offer various slot games, from conventional slots and steppers to video slots and grand prize slots. While each theme and symbol is unique, many of the mechanics and features are identical, including expanding reels, tumbling reels, free spin bonuses, and others.



The roulette wheel will be familiar to all players, but you might be confused by the table and how and when to place your bets. If you’re looking for basic casino games, you can go for roulette with a small number of wagers.

Before the dealer announces, “No more bets,” place one chip on red or black to begin the 50/50 betting. The wheel will then start to spin. 18 red and 18 black numbers give you a 50/50 chance of winning.

One of those easy-to-learn casino games is roulette. As you gain more experience, you can experiment with various betting methods and roulette tactics.



Like roulette, you probably already know the fundamentals of blackjack. The idea is to avoid going broke by bringing your total as near as 21 as you can.

It is one of the most popular games on Betway, so when you first start playing, ensure that you are able to beat the addiction. You can greatly increase your profits by using a simple blackjack strategy.


Video poker

Before playing video poker, you need a basic understanding of poker hand rankings, but don’t worry—you’ll pick it up quickly. Due to its low house edge, video poker is a pleasant way to pass some time.

Five cards are presented to you, and you must choose how many to hold before drawing. The video poker game Jacks or Better aims to create the finest five-card poker hand you can, with payouts beginning at a pair of jacks or better.



Our list of the top five casino games includes baccarat, not because it is simple to learn but because it is easy to play. There is a difference!

All new players need to do is put money into one of three tiles. Tie, Player, or Banker. The dealer then completes the task by handing the Player and the Banker a hand. You don’t need to worry about that since the dealer takes care of everything and delivers you the winnings at the end when you, hopefully, win because there is a complicated system for tallying the total and taking another card if required.



Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is solely the author’s opinion and not investment advice – it is provided for educational purposes only. By using this, you agree that the information does not constitute any investment or financial instructions. Do conduct your own research and reach out to financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

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