BONGVIP with the short name that gamers usually decision is headquartered within the Philippines. focuses on running varied diversion businesses. The product and services provided by BONGVIP square measure approved and supervised by initial Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation ( within the Cagayan stream Special Economic Zone of the Philippines.

When collaborating in games at the BONGVIP house , you’ll have the foremost authentic and vivid expertise. It’s as if you were at a giant casino in Macao or city.

It is this exciting feeling that the quantity of players collaborating in BONGVIP is increasing day by day. serving to BONGVIP grow stronger and stronger, status is more increased. Besides, the system of knowledge security is extraordinarily high, serving to players to be safe, not having their accounts hacked.

Outstanding benefits of the house BONGVIP

Any bookmaker has its own benefits so can we. Here square measure the strengths of the BONGVIP house that are absolutely passed through by players.

Variety of games

At BONGVIP bookmaker , if you would like, you’ll notice all the newest games. BONGVIP bookmaker updates all games, all forms for you to settle on from.

Sports sporting

At the house BONGVIP has all the sports sporting games that you simply want, during which highlights such as: reckoning on soccer, table game, football game or court game sporting, etc.

The lobby plays you you’ll select from: BB shot Sports, Sports CMD, island Sports, IM Sports, BTI Sports, SBO Sports, OG Sports.

In addition, the percentages at BONGVIP bookmaker square measure continuously on top of alternative bookies, which implies that with an equivalent outcome, you’ll receive additional bonuses once enjoying at BONGVIP .

You will get the schedule of all sports, furthermore as all tournaments, ratio, odds, vip balls, high-up ball odds everything is public.

Live casino

The enticing Live Casino games at Bongvip should be mentioned such as: chemin de fer, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Fantan, Sicbo, … and plenty of alternative enticing games.

The enjoying halls you’ll be part of at Bongvip are: BG casino, attractive casino, EA casino, DG casino, WM Casino, AG casino, BBIN casino, EBET Casino, SA Casino, ALLBET Casino.

The interaction between players additionally to Streamers, cluster members will chat with one another to directly exchange and share fascinating info.

In the corner of the screen, the chat window is displayed, individuals seek advice from one another as a kind of amusement between individuals with an equivalent interests and hobbies.


The lobby that plays is TCG lottery, Bbin.

The number of lottery games is outstanding, you’ll freely select and alter to fit your preferences. as well as Lottery three regions,

Every day, at BONGVIP , there’ll be sharing from consultants on lottery for you to talk over with. consultants can browse you the Bach Thu Lo, Song Thu Lo, and guide you to appear at the bridge that day properly.

Add to that the careful list of non secular mysteries that assist you get variety for yourself if you’ve got an honest dream that day.

On the homepage of BONGVIP , there square measure full lottery results of all three regions of the North – Central – South, with all info concerning lotteries, tons and much for your reference.

Along with that, there square measure several alternative kinds of on-line games that you simply love like Exploding 3D Slot Game, E-Sports sporting, Shooting Fish, enticing game, …

The payout magnitude relation of BONGVIP is often on top of alternative bookies within the space, therefore you’ll receive additional advantages once collaborating with BONGVIP.

Quality game service

The number of games at the Bongvip home is several and varied, in conjunction with the highest quality of games, nothing is healthier.

Beautiful interface, straightforward players to affix, clear pictures with fashionable style square measure all needs of players, and it’s enough within the BONGVIP house .

Received extraordinarily thorough investment in lighting tricks from the most effective style consultants. The character pictures in BONGVIP ‘s games square measure continuously additional enticing than alternative places as a result of the gorgeous and lifelike character creation.

Because of cooperation with the biggest game suppliers, the games out there at the BONGVIP house square measure continuously the most effective. you’ll get the richest game expertise ever.

Customer care support service

For a honorable bookmaker , having customers is vital, however retentive customers is even a lot of necessary.

Because of the saying “Participants area unit satisfied”. BONGVIP is prepared to speculate in a very skilled client care team, well-trained to serve you within the best approach.

Any issues arising from the time you register till the time you play, regardless of what the matter is, once it arises, are quickly and effectively resolved by the workers of the house BONGVIP .

Fast deposit and withdrawal speed

With a large and powerful association, the partner of most banks in Vietnam, your deposit or withdrawal of bonuses at Bongvip is simply counted in seconds.

After solely many seconds, typically it’ll be many minutes and many easy verification steps, you’ll be able to transfer cash from the network operator to your personal account or contrariwise, prime up from your checking account to your taking part in account on BONGVIP. to continue the unfinished game.

Safety and Confidentiality

With the robust support from the Philippine corporation, you’ll be able to rest assured once taking part in card-playing at BONGVIP . the safety of your account in addition as your personal info is absolute.

With a robust firewall security system, it’ll undoubtedly forestall any hacker World Health Organization intends to infiltrate the knowledge network of the honorable bookmaker BONGVIP . Therefore, your identity are optimally protected.

Thus, once you opt for the BONGVIP bookmaker , you recognize needless to say that you simply can receive the most effective client policy.

Moreover, all card-playing info and odds area unit public and clear. The player and also the dealer have completely no different ambiguity.

The lawfulness of the house BONGVIP

You must perceive that BONGVIP is that the No. one bookmaker in Asia, a authorised bookmaker operational within the field of on-line card-playing services business wrongfully, paying taxes and every one info is clear.

When you participate in card-playing at BONGVIP , you’ll be able to rest assured that you simply can ne’er be concerned within the law or in bother associated with the law.

High relevance

With the aim of meeting all participants’ desires and taking part in conditions, BONGVIP will support you on any phone interface from golem to iOS. regardless of what device you play with, however the interface is, the BONGVIP application continues to be swish.

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