Hkm Saharan a.k.a HK, Sawwa: Shares His Journey to Greatness

Hkm Saharan a.k.a HK, Sawwa: Shares His Journey to Greatness
Hkm Saharan a.k.a HK, Sawwa: Shares His Journey to Greatness

Success is neither a miracle nor an accident. It is the outcome of hard work, perseverance, learning, and sacrifice. The real-life story of HKM Saharan is a reminder of this. His journey from zero to a successful entrepreneur can beat the classic rags to riches stories of fiction in motivating others to walk in his footsteps. Hkm Saharan, or HK, is proof that no big dream is unachievable if you put your heart and soul into chasing it. His journey started in a village, and now he is scaling new heights in the digital world as a branding expert and NFT enthusiast.

Born in a small village in Sri Lanka, Hkm Saharan never had any access to modern technology since childhood. His upbringing in a middle-class family led him to a government-aided school for a while, but his parents soon enrolled him in an international school when they saw his eagerness to learn English. Besides English, HKM Saharan was always keen on learning something new outside of the textbook. That’s when the internet caught his attention, and he began exploring its power.

Hkm Saharan was an average student because he never had faith in formal education. He wanted to explore social media rather than chase a degree. At 16, he was creating videos on YouTube even after his teacher warned him about his poor grades. He was also making a little money by promoting local businesses through social media.

Even after enrolling for a diploma in Software Engineering, Hkm Saharan dropped out of college to support his family financially. He was working 9 to 5 as an analyst but soon moved out to pursue bigger dreams in the city. He contacted a company in the city through social media and started working there as a videographer for basic shelter and food in the city. Life in the city was not easy for HK, but he was happy doing what he loved.

Just when HK thought he had found the way to achieve his dreams, he was diagnosed with an eye disorder. HK needed money for surgery to replace his cornea. He requested his employer for financial aid but was rejected. The situation he went through was tough, but it made him realize the value of money. With no other way to save money for his surgery, HK started working as a social media marketer for brands. That’s when he came to learn about Ethereum and NFTs.

HK was desperate to venture into this space but had no idea how. So he asked small businesses to pay him in ETH for his digital marketing services. Since then, HK went from being stuck to unstoppable as an entrepreneur and social media branding expert. He is a brilliant content creator on YouTube. Most of his content is based on technology and graphics. HK also loves video editing and has amassed thousands of followers on social media. He is also the founder of “Third World”, an exclusive online community that serves as an amazing guide to those new to investing and Web3.

HKM Saharan shot to fame in just one year, changing his story from rags to riches. He was featured on the famous talk show “Tea with GaryVee,” on Yahoo, and in several other media outlets. HK has worked with celebrities in Sri Lanka such as PrawnCrazy,, and Zox. la, DKM, Kaizer Kaiz, and Costa. Now he is aiming to fly higher, taking his brand to the global level.

Hkm Saharan wants to share his story with the world and inspire people to follow their dreams. His goal is to give back to the community of people living in third-world countries and pave the way for them to find success by leveraging the power of social media and Web3.


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