’90s Kids Baseball Movies Kind Of Sucked

’90s Kids Baseball Movies Kind Of Sucked
’90s Kids Baseball Movies Kind Of Sucked
October is here, which brings us the baseball playoffs. Even in this insane year which held the MLB season to a mere 60 games, the playoffs have already begun. The Fall Classic is here, and hopefully we get some exciting baseball action as the weather turns cooler. Although, this year the playoffs are happening in bubbles in warm climates, so there will be no baseball games in 50-degree weather. There are many sports movies for kids. Some of them I enjoyed as a kid. Some of them even kind of hold up. However, there are no good kids’ movies about baseball. There, I said it. Yes, Angels in the Outfield isn’t good. Christopher Lloyd is a fine actor, but the movie is silly and treacly. Literal angels helping the California Angels win so that a kid can maybe reunite with his estranged dad? I’ll pass, even if that kid is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Little Big League is a movie I can barely remember. I just remember when the kids watch a softcore porn, because I was a small child when I saw it and was not expecting this. OK, I guess Rookie of the Year, which cheesy as hell, is kind of fun. I liked that one as a kid. You know what movie I didn’t like as a child, and don’t like now, though? The Sandlot. This is where I will surely be accused of heresy. The kids of my generation loved The Sandlot. There is so much Sandlot nostalgia for Millennials. Frankly, I don’t get it. The movie is bad. It’s boring and not funny. I could understand, like, a parent at the time enjoying it in a nostalgic way. Why did kids like it, though? And why do ‘90s kids like it now? If you were a kid who liked baseball in the ‘90s, you were out of luck as far as I was concerned. Yo
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