How do you drive like a pro in Dr. Driving

How do you drive like a pro in Dr. Driving
How do you drive like a pro in Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is a driving game that stands different from the rest of the classic sports racing games. This game will let you drive normal cars, in normal urban settings, and also at normal speeds. Unlike other games, the goal here is not about riding your car at full speed. The goal is driving responsibly, taking the blends well, and eventually not crashing the car. You’ll be completing the missions which depend on how well you drive the car and depending on your performance, you may receive some amount of money in the game. This money can be used to buy and upgrade vehicles for your trips around town.

With an average rating of 4.5 and about 1 million users, Dr. Driving different and enjoyable driving game that is not about thrilling road races but solely focuses on driving in a much realistic way. In this game that tests your real life driving skills, the following are a few hacks that can help you to be a pro in Dr. Driving.

Be pro in Dr. Driving point 1Broken Brake

Once you have practiced a lot, you can drive the car without the need of applying brakes. So in this mode, when you want to turn left, make sure that you take a sudden sharp turn in the right direction. This will result in you completely stopping after rotating and hence will be facing the direction you were actually meant to go. This takes exactly the same time as it may have taken if you turn left after applying brakes. This trick works perfectly for all modes, especially in Drift mode.

Be pro in Dr. Driving point 2Speed

In this mode, you can go full speed and try to take minimum time on turns and hence produce your best score. However, you can enhance your score in this mode by playing a lot of games in this mode and competing with your previous score.Speed (Highway):

This mode is a bit difficult and can cost you a lot of coins on repairing your car as the more speed you have during a crash, the more the cost of the repair. So to avoid this, you are required to practice this mode with cars that do not provide high speed or have high durability. Hence, it’s always beneficial to invest your coins in the car’s durability. It’s tough to complete this mode without crashes. You can overcome this by practicing with highly durable cars. This is essential to be a pro in Dr. Driving. These cheats might help you to be a pro in Dr. Driving.

Be pro in Dr. Driving point 3Speed Parking

This mode is the same as the speed mode but the only difference is it ends with parking your car. To be a pro in Dr. Driving, make sure you don’t waste your time while parking and you are good in this mode. When you are about to park, you’ll have to switch to away camera mode quickly. This is done by pressing the camera option on the top left of the screen in order to view your car with respect to the parking space. Then slower your car and take a sharp turn left passing the car before the parking space and then take a sharp turn right. Once you are in parallel to other cars, press P on the panel that will appear on the top right. This tip will help you on your way to be a pro in Dr. Driving

Be pro in Dr. Driving point 4– Fuel Efficiency

This is the simplest mode of the game and all you need to do is go slow without drifting. In this mode, there are low chances of crashes as you’ll be going slow and taking simple turns to finish the line. You are required to choose a car with high fuel value for this mode.

So, you can count on these tips to be a pro in Dr. Driving and enjoy your game.

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