Poki Games on The Internet

Poki Games on The Internet
Poki Games on The Internet

Poki games

Recently, more and more users have come across the phrase Poki games on the Internet. On various online sites, you can find a lot of these games from different categories. And while they have diverse plots and graphics, they are united by one name: Poki. So what does this name mean?

It all started in 2014 in Amsterdam, when a programmer named Sebastian Moys founded an Internet portal and named it poki.nl. The platform quickly gained popularity and turned into a giant portal, which presented a huge number of different online games for all tastes. The main feature of these browser games was that they were all developed using HTML5 technology.

Since then, Poki games have remained popular. Every fan of online games today knows that you can always find a great game on this platform.

Poki saw great success in 2019 when the company won the most prestigious award in the field of online games: the Webby Award. This is the Oscar of the online gaming industry. The Poki team is very proud of this award because it’s not so easy to get it: more than 30,000 projects from 70 countries were presented at the competition.

At the award ceremony, Mr. Graves, one of the leaders of the organization responsible for the Webby Award, said that the Poki team is a leader in the gaming industry and sets standards in innovation and creativity. Graves noted the highly qualified Poki team and pointed to their hard work, creativity, and imagination.

The developers themselves also claim that their games are always bright, fun, and a bit funky.

Poki games on our site

Poki is popular and fun, so we compiled all games in one place. If you want new items, here we go! Among the proposals are those that girls find more attractive; boys may like several other projects, and there will also be those that will be interesting to everyone. Among such offers, you can find two-player games, multiplayer games, and others.

What are the newest Poki Games?

We suggest that you look through the top games played by users from all across the globe. Here they are:

  1. Idle Arks: Sail and Build
  2. Castle Defender Saga
  3. Merge Cannon: Chicken Defense
  4. Hungry Shark Arena
  5. Adam and Eve GO
  6. Zombie Mission 3
  7. Princess E-girl Fashion
  8. Skate Rush
  9. Empire vs Rebels – LEGO Star Wars
  10. Basketball Stars

Games of any genre can be exciting. Don’t be surprised if you find out that adult uncles and aunts are fond of such projects, because everyone wants to play something interesting! When choosing, always pay attention to the age limit, as not all games can suit youngsters.

Interesting Poki games for everyone

Kids are interested in all kinds of educational Poki games. Children like to gain knowledge during games, and it’s a fact that such a presentation of the material will facilitate its assimilation. With pleasure, the children perceive all kinds of cartoon characters, which is especially important. They enjoy communicating with virtual peers, as it’s much more fun to learn with others. Races, driving, arcades and strategies will be a huge hit for boys.


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