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Oct 19, 2015
Kaspersky russian 1 opcom 150407. 3. 1. 8:25. Op-com diagnostic interface is. Key programming and remote features are also available.
Jan 30, 2018

Show HN: Constrain the setting of a System Setting via Registry Key – mrjbq7

I use this to fix the refresh rate to the maximum refresh rate of my monitor
on Win 7 machines. I found out how to detect the refresh rate at
US/windows7/Setting-monitors-refresh-rate) and with some Google searching I
found the Windows registry value for this, but I didn’t want to mess with the
rest of the machine. With this, I just add the key / hive:
and set the value to “0x70” for 100Hz and “0x60” for 60Hz.

I also made an app which does basically the same thing:

Very nice! Any idea how this could be ported to Linux? I could not find any
direct reference to the system’s registers.

I’m not sure if I should say this but you can get the relevant information
from the Linux documentation:

For more details on how to read / store / manipulate the Linux kernel’s
registers see this answer on Ask Ubuntu:

Interesting. I wonder whether this could be applied for example to restrict
CPU frequency?



Oct 19, 2021
(03-19-2021, 07:38 PM)sabian Wrote:
I have install opcom 2016 adv but it ask for activation key online or offline how to do this?
You mean by using online or offline key.
OPCOM Offline is possible through use of supplied CD, and can also be created by using WinPIC Offline.
OPCOM Online can be purchased for $30 at below link.

You need to login to v 2 driver and start WinPIC to generate serial key.
Once this is completed, you can then install WinPIC (or WinPIC Offline) and use the online key for activation.
Older versions of opcom (WinPIC 9, 10 and later) are included with WinPIC Offline.
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“Other than that, the team is still the same,” he added. “We have the same core, we’re trying to make it work, and the main goal is to make it work












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