Vladislav Soloviev – Author of the EN+ blog, Political Scientist, Expert, and Forecaster

Vladislav Soloviev - Author of the EN+ blog, Political Scientist, Expert, and Forecaster
Vladislav Soloviev – Author of the EN+ blog, Political Scientist, Expert, and Forecaster

Vladislav Soloviev’s analytics, economic forecasts, and other articles are regularly published in leading news publications and attract the attention of all readers and thinkers. The author’s materials are an independent view of the events taking place in the world, a reasonable standpoint based on facts and common sense, a concise presentation, and only relevant topics.


The name of political scientist Vladislav Soloviev is well known in reader circles. His new project, EN+, an informational portal where aspiring English-speaking journalists and bloggers can publish their materials, attracts particular attention.


Let’s find out how Vladislav Soloviev transitioned from being an economist and CFO of a consulting firm to a political scientist and journalist, what materials defined his professional development, and what makes the EN+ platform unique.

Who is Vladislav Soloviev?

Vladislav Soloviev started to take up political science and journalism seriously only at the age of 37. Before that, he worked as an economist for more than 15 years, having the corresponding education. For some time, he even worked as a financial director in a branch of a large consulting firm. However, in 2010, Vladislav Soloviev suddenly realized that he was in a business that didn’t bring him moral satisfaction. And that he was much more interested in journalism, political and economic analytics, communicating with readers, and shaping public opinion.


Vladislav Soloviev had his first experience in writing articles when he was a student. His materials at that time were mostly of an academic nature and were published in relevant publications – “Question of Political Science”, “Global Politics”, and the others. It was then that the alias Honest Political Scientist appeared. It was not just a sound nickname but a designation of the author’s principled position. Many accuse him of conspiracy, alarmism, and nonconformism, but never of bias. Vladislav Soloviev does not write articles on order, is not on the staff of any publication, and always adheres to an independent position.

The Path of the Honest Political Scientist

After resigning as CFO, Vladislav Soloviev almost immediately switched to writing articles. However, he was not satisfied with the status of an amateur, so he enrolled at the University of Technology and Management as a correspondence student specializing in political science. Soloviev managed to complete the program in an accelerated format, so he was already a certified specialist in a couple of years.


Articles on the topics of politics, sociology, and economics were first published in low-circulation publications, then the author began to write for a more mass audience. His articles began to appear in the mainstream media, with some of them provoking active reader reactions and polemics in the comments. Vladislav Soloviev gradually acquired a somewhat scandalous reputation.


His reputation as a non-conformist and conspiracy theorist has been forever cemented after a series of publications on the global conspiracy of the elites to stop the development of humanity and create an ideal society of consumption. Such a society is incapable of thinking, asking questions, and demanding anything from the government, so the authorities have nothing to fear from any of their actions. According to Soloviev, the intellectual degradation of the masses began 30 years ago, after the need for the capitalist unit to confront an alternative communist ideology disappeared. Since then, the level of education in all countries has begun to gradually decline and continues to fall to this day.


Soloviev published the most controversial articles in his LiveJournal, which he maintained as the Honest Political Scientist. The reader debates under these articles took up hundreds of pages. The reaction of commentators was not always positive. After a particularly polemical article on religious and social issues, Vladislav Soloviev was forced to take his blog down.


In 2017, the author switched to economic investigative journalism, which solidified his scandalous reputation even more. The objects were public figures from the world of business – owners of major mining companies. After the publication of these articles, a barrage of accusations of slander and misrepresentation of facts fell on Soloviev. However, there was no proof of the unlawful nature of the materials.

What does Soloviev do now?

From 2020 until now, the author’s activity has significantly increased. He has adopted another popular format – economic and political forecasts. Some of them come true in full, others partially, and the rest diverge from reality altogether. Soloviev himself says that forecasting is not a way to predict reality, but rather a desire to prevent negative scenarios. According to the political scientist, humanity is expected to face a long period of turbulence in the near future. We will have to pass through a series of powerful crises with minimal consequences for our historical potential.


Vladislav Soloviev’s EN+ project is also a kind of attempt to counteract regressive processes. In a world where people are systematically taught to not think and draw logical conclusions, the opportunity to express one’s views on reality is especially important. Intellectual entropy covers the widest segments of the population, making people obedient to the will of others.


Another purpose of the EN+ platform is to revitalize independent journalism and restore the authority of the printed word. The resource is becoming increasingly popular and attracts dozens of young authors who write in English. There is no political censorship or ideological restrictions on EN+ – the main thing is that the topics of articles should be up-to-date and the author’s position should be unbiased.

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