5 Reasons to Switch to PrivacyWall as Your Search Engine Today

5 Reasons to Switch to PrivacyWall as Your Search Engine Today
5 Reasons to Switch to PrivacyWall as Your Search Engine Today
Most modern search engines are just data gathering tools for marketers. Collecting your personal information allows these companies to profit from targeted advertising, which is a thriving market. Your data will end up in the hands of third parties unless you use a private search engine and you will be a product.At first glance, this may seem harmless. However, if our choices are algorithmically determined, we lose our freedom of choice and are less open to dissent. Filtered search engines like Google create echo chambers and further polarize society. We create our own barriers with clicks, and eventually we may become too blind to see them.

Are you looking for the best private search engine that doesn’t control your data and values ​​your privacy? The privacywall is here to protect your data and your privacy.

Using a search engine may reveal very personal information about you, such as health status, work experience, tax documents, political opinions, and other personal details. Of course, this information may be collected, processed and linked to your data profile (and real identity). The only way to truly “opt out” is to keep your personal information safe and out of the reach of data collectors.

PrivacyWall is a tool that will help you protect yourself from any data leakage when you are browsing the Internet for any reason. If you want to research some disease you are facing or are planning to travel somewhere. It will show up in a search engine or website as if PrivacyWall is looking for the thing, not you.

Here we have discussed some of the reasons why you should use PrivacyWall when you are browsing the Internet and want to get private browsing.

Secure browsing

Keep your browsing habits private. We created PrivacyWall to provide the best private search engine for free to any business, government or individual, allowing you to search the web without having to track and collect browsing history and search query data.

online privacy

Google, Bing and some other search engines compile and save files of your search queries. If these documents are disclosed to others, they can be humiliating or even cause great harm. Do you want your online reading habits, medical history, finances, sexual orientation or political affiliation to be available to strangers?

Switch to the private search engine PrivacyWall to ensure your privacy. PrivacyWall keeps your data private by preventing trackers from collecting your data. Thanks to these amazing security features, PrivacyWall is also considered one of the best private search engines.

Your privacy is our priority

Because we believe that privacy is a basic human right that consumers should not give up when they use their search engine, we created PrivacyWall to block the collection of unwanted data.

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