Why the Original Charmed Is Still Popular

Why the Original Charmed Is Still Popular
Why the Original Charmed Is Still Popular

At its peak, Charmed, a female-led fantasy show, broke records and won multiple awards. The story was well thought of and charming. In fact, it was so good that the CW Television Network announced a reboot. But while the reboot was equally amazing, there was just something about the original show that fans loved and resonated with. Here are a few reasons why people ought to celebrate the original show.

The Show Took Risks

Some certain episodes or storylines didn’t work, leaving fans rolling their eyes. But the good thing with Charmed is that it moved forward. The producers and showrunners like Brad Kern didn’t shy away from taking risks. They would bring in new storylines and characters to keep the series entertaining. And considering that fans were already invested in the lives of the Halliwell sisters, it wasn’t hard for them to get over the bad moments and keep watching the series.

The Producers Took the Time to Build the Story

One thing fans can appreciate with the original Charmed is that it took time to build the storyline. Understandably, the show ran for eight seasons, giving the producers adequate time to build the characters’ relationships and backstories. Nothing was rushed, giving the fans time to keep up with what was happening.

Had an All-Female Lead

In today’s world, an all-female lead isn’t surprising. But in the 90s, it was a huge deal. This was a time when TV shows took chances with female leads, like in  Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Charmed was a game-changer as it had an all-female lead. By the time it ended, it was one of the longest all-female-led TV shows and was only surpassed by Desperate Housewives. This proved that a TV show didn’t always need a male lead to thrive.

Had a Rich Family History

Charmed excelled at exploring the rich family history of the Halliwell sisters. With each season, the series gave more information about how the sisters’ ancestors practiced magic. This element ensured viewers didn’t forget that the sisters were descendants of powerful witches.

The Sisters Brought About Different Personalities

Because each sister had a different personality, every fan could associate with at least one sister. For instance, Prue, the older sister, played a protective role in the show. If you’re an elder sibling, you can probably relate to this. If you’re a career-oriented person, you could also see yourself in some of the characters who loved their jobs and strived to get ahead in life.

It Blended Fantasy and Real Life

Although Charmed was a fantasy show, it had many real-life elements. There was a lot of drama between the siblings themselves and with their significant others. The sisters also weren’t just focused on doing spells and fighting evil. They had a life where they went to college and worked.

The original Charmed held appeal. It was fun, chaotic, exciting, and messy, just like life. While most shows have come and gone, this one definitely remains in the hearts of many fans.

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