What ’90s Nick Character Makes The Best Tattoo?

What ’90s Nick Character Makes The Best Tattoo?
What ’90s Nick Character Makes The Best Tattoo?

There was few more definitive ways to express your fandom for something than getting a tattoo. However, when you are permanently inking something to your body you really want to think it through. A lot of people have a lot of ‘90s Nickelodeon. Some people have tattoos related to their favorite things of ‘90s Nick. Ah, but what would be the best ‘90s Nickelodeon character to get a tattoo of?

Now, note that we said character. We aren’t talking about the ephemera of the shows. Sure, you could get a tattoo of Petunia like Little Pete, but Petunia isn’t a character, even if she is in the opening credits. And, of course, if you don’t like one of these shows, you wouldn’t get a tattoo of it. That being said, we can’t know your specific interests. This is just thinking big picture.

You don’t want something too popular or obvious. We’re guessing there are a million SpongeBob tattoos out there. Maybe you could get more specific in your reference, but otherwise you might as well have a tattoo of a butterfly or a heart. That being said, a cartoon would likely be easier. Do you really want a photorealistic Donkeylips or Ferguson on your arm? If you are going with a real person, you’d want to go more abstract. In that case, though, you need a distinct outline. Like, say, Artie doing his iconic pose. People need to be able to recognize your tattoo.

How do you feel about color? Because if you get a garishly-colored character, they are really going to jump off your arm. That being said, some characters could handle a black-ink outline style tattoo. If you were getting, say, Reptar, you’d probably want to include the color. On the other hand, somebody like Rocko or Arnold you could get an outline of and it work really work.

Rocko would be a good one, especially if you do go with color and get his iconic shirt in the mix. His dog Spunky, or Doug’s dog Porkchop, would also be simple, recognizable designs. You know what would be a fun one? Doug in that get up from the episode where everybody starts dressing like him due to a TV show so he changes his look. It’s esoteric, but not too esoteric. It’s intriguing, but somewhat recognizable. You can shout out Doug, but also have some cache for creativity. That might be your answer here.

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