How to play Never Have I ever online game?

never have i ever game online
never have i ever game online

As you know the covid-19 has changed the activities of the people. It confines people to their homes. However, the pandemic has provided opportunities for families to spend their time together. Now the question is how to spend a memorable time together? “Never have I ever” is the best game for making the pandemic time exciting and thrilling for families and friends.

However, this game comes up with a lot of enjoyment and funny moments. It consists of some games like “truth & dare.” It is the best game during pandemic days that gives you a chance to know each other in a better way. Whereas the main goal of this game is to do those things that you have never done before. Let’s take a detailed description of the “Never have I ever” game.

Rules of the never have I ever game

This game consists of questions that you have never done before. The game begins with all players making a circle. However, the first player starts by making a statement about those things he has never done before. Moreover, this game is the best way to deeply know your family and friends about which you think you know well.

However, the rules of the games depend on your age and the things with which you feel comfortable. It is also up to you to choose the questions that are good enough for you and your family members and friends. This game is the best choice to play when everyone stays at home or in gatherings. However, there is no limit to the participants in the game. A variety of questions are also available, so you can choose the questions that may fit you easily.

Firstly, one of the “Never have I ever” questions is given to you. You have to answer with “yes” if you have done it before, anyways, “no” if you have never done it before. During this game, people also learn more embarrassing things about each other. But try to ask less private questions with the people you meet for the first time.

Never have I ever game; online and offline: 

“Never have I ever” available both online and offline. When you install the game, you will see the two options at the top of the screen. The options will be “Play Online” and “Questions.” The list of choosing the type of questions is also available. You can choose the questions with which you feel comfortable. After selecting the type of questions, you have to answer them by taking action.

Most people play this game online at parties. This game causes a lot of enjoyment with the friends and the families. However, there is no limit for the participants. Furthermore, a variety of questions are also available. While playing online, it is just like a “truth or dare” game. You have to make a statement “yes” or “no.” However, the details about the questions are not asked from the participant.

Different methods to play Never have I ever:

This game is very versatile. It had so much fun. While it can be  with a lot of enjoyable methods.

The game of (non-drinking) points

In this method, the players stand or sit in a circle. The first player starts the game by making a statement that he has never made before. For example, Never have I ever broken anything into my friend’s house. If you have done it and not told your friend about it, you lose one point. After that, the next player starts the game by making a statement and then.

When the player starts the game, he has ten points. After every statement, the player loses points. However, you can remember your points by marking them on your fingers or any page. If you do the things before about which you make a statement, you lose one point. The player with more points at the end wins the game.

The game of drinking points

So the players sit or stand around the table. The first person starts by making the statement like never have I ever slipped on the road. If anyone has slipped, then he takes the drink. Then it’s passed on to the next individual. And they say, “Never have I ever…” and the cycle continues.

This game had a lot of fun. Usually, people stop playing it when the player drinks too much, and the people start asking more embarrassing questions. However, the person with fewer drinking points among all players wins the game.

The game of eating points

When the game begins, every player had given ten pieces of food. You can take ten pieces of candy, grapes, berries, etc. the first starts the game by making the statement he has never done before. If he did it, then he would eat one piece of food. While the players who will have nothing to eat are out. However, the player with more food pieces wins at the end.

Never have I ever  questions:

Sometimes the questions in this game cause a lot of laughter. Mostly the statement of the question is funny that causes giggles. Whereas the story behind the question makes people laugh. Let’s take a look at a few funny questions:

  • Never have I deliberately said a word swear in front of my parents.
  • Never have I ever walked up against the wall
  • Never have I ever been terrified of my reflection.
  • Never have I ever made ridiculous faces with tape on my face.
  • Never have I ever fallen asleep somewhere and awoke somewhere else.

Family questions:

These types of questions are great when you spend time with the families. Moreover, it is a good way to keep everybody entertained on a journey and gathering with the family. However, this is a great game to know about the person in your family with whom you meet for the first time.

  • Never have I ever drank directly from the container.
  • Never have I ever finished all of the hot water.
  • Never have I ever lied about where another member of my family has gone.
  • Never have I ever eaten something and then put it back in the fridge.
  • Never have I ever pretended to be unrelated to a family member.

Have a great time and fun!

Though there are a great series of questions that you can ask your friends or family but try to make comfortable questions for all. Moreover, avoid asking those questions that are embarrassing for the players. Because the main motive to play this game is to know interesting things about your friends and family members. So have some fun with it and don’t take it too seriously or make the questions too difficult to answer.

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