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PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea was created to showcase to the world that Dokdo has been and will forever be Korean territory.
PDF-Pro Dokdo Korea
has a simple and comprehensive interface that will quickly guide you through all its features.







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ABF Screen Saver contains a certain day of the year with a lock screen that contains special characters. You can set an audio file, a video file or a binary file as the audio or video source to play.
ABF Screen Saver allows the user to select their favorite screensaver from the preferences to help speed things up.

BumpTV is a very useful free software to easily create PVR/TV/Surround systems. BumpTV software comes with an excellent interface that makes the whole process of producing a S/PDIF or component video with it a simple task. It is a graphical user interface for Windows, supporting all types of devices: digital video recorder and DVB, IPTV, set-top box, etc. BumpTV software uses all the devices features supported by the underlying hardware. It is a free software to easily create PVR/TV/Surround systems.It has the following features:
Support DVB: DVB-S2/S2x (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting – Satellite version 2), DVB-S/S2 (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting – Satellite version), DVB-C (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting – Cable), DVB-C2, DVB-C2x, DVB-T, DVB-T2.
Support HDMI/DVI: HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), DVI (Digital Visual Interface)
Support AirTunes: AirTunes Audio Playback
Support MP3: MP3 playback
Support Media Player: Video playback support of several formats
Support TS, MPEG-TS, MKV, H.264: multiple device playback of TS (MPEG Transport Stream), MPEG-TS (MPEG Transport Stream), MKV (Matroska), H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)
Support All Windows: ability to watch TV on all systems, including XP and Vista systems.
Support DVB Android (Handheld Device) as a dedicated device for watching TV on.
Support Watch TV: watch TV as a PVR-system with (automatic) schedule, recording to file and the ability to playback stored items.
Support PIP (Picture-in-Picture): to be able to watch TV and other applications simultaneously on screen
Support Freeview: watch TV from Freeview
Support Smart TV: watch TV using the Internet browser
Support IPTV: watch TV using a PC connected to an Internet connection



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Key Macro Editor (KME) enables users to quickly and easily create key combinations for Microsoft Windows programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Publisher. Key macros are a great way to save time and effort and can reduce the learning curve associated with using these applications. Simply enter the key combination in the macro pane and then test it in the application’s shortcut menu or in a button on a form.
KEYMACRO lets you make macros for the most popular Windows applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher and PowerPoint. You can create macros for an existing keyboard shortcut or for a new combination of keys.
KEYMACRO’s integrated tutorial gives you the information you need to get started quickly. It will teach you all you need to know about using this application.
KEYMACRO’s keyboard shortcut manager allows you to create a custom shortcut for any of your new or existing macros. You can also use the keyboard shortcut manager to organize and edit your custom shortcuts.
Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that you press at the same time to get a particular program to perform a certain task. They are faster than using the mouse, and they can often save you a lot of time.
KEYMACRO includes shortcuts for Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher and PowerPoint. You can create macros for Microsoft Windows applications that use a shortcut key such as Ctrl+S or Ctrl+C. You can use the keyboard shortcuts manager to quickly create a shortcut for a new or existing macro.
KEYMACRO is a time-saving application that makes it easy to create macros for any application on your computer.
• Macro editing for more than 30 applications
• Organize and edit your macros
• Create shortcuts for all your macros
• Autosave your macros and write/read comments
• Create/edit keyboard shortcuts for your macros
• Useful Help files
• Runable macros in Powerpoint

I have never read that many anti-virus programs before. In fact, as a newbie to computer protection, I am not even aware that anti-virus programs are necessary to use for day-to-day computer activities. For me, being a newbie, it will take some time for me to familiarize myself with all the functions of these programs.
I have always thought that I have been doing the necessary. However, the software for my computer has informed me that I need to install a anti-virus program. Also, the tool has also



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Teen Diary is a diary designed especially for teenage girls to record their daily activities, thoughts or ideas while they can stay assured that their posts aren’t going to be read by anyone. It features an authentication system with a username and password.

Download Teendiary CSE TSE 2.3



What’s New in the?


Simple and convenient way to keep a daily diary.Write all your thoughts into Diary.It’s very easy, just push your “save” button when you’re ready.

There’s no such thing as a perfect design, but we’ve compiled a list of five exemplary desktop themes that aren’t only really impressive but also very functional. Which of them is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

The Mac App Store offers OS X software developers an excellent revenue stream. Since it first opened in 2008, the store has nearly tripled its revenue from over $1 billion to $2.8 billion in the second fiscal quarter of 2016. This represents an increase of over 98 percent compared to the same period in 2015, according to the Macworld report. While a lot of attention has been given to the App Store’s growth, it’s important to also note how much money developers are actually making from the Mac App Store. As of Q2 2016, the average developer took home $4,000 per app, with games earning $5,700 and education apps earning $1,950.

Security researchers this week reported that a group of attackers have been attacking the PlayStation Network (PSN) for the past four years, using it to take control of user accounts. Sony is already taking action to prevent these attacks, which could result in lost data, should the situation continue.

Facebook, the company in the center of a storm of backlash over its lack of action on Russian meddling in the 2016 US election, announced on Wednesday that it had suspended the accounts of 50 “inauthentic” Facebook accounts and pages over the past 90 days.

At its developer conference this week, Microsoft has showed off some of the work it’s been doing to replace many of the company’s core Windows apps, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The company introduced a new version of the Microsoft Office 365 subscription service on Thursday that includes new features for Office 365 ProPlus, a suite of Office apps designed to be a better fit for enterprise users. The new version of Office 365 will be available in the cloud, a shift from the previous version, which was available as a virtual machine.

Gmail’s annual Black Friday sale is about to begin, and the company is offering a modest discount on every service. If you’re already signed up for Gmail, the annual discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Back in May, we reported that Google had been tweaking its search algorithm to bring the rankings of “safe” websites up in order to boost traffic to them. While Google might have promised that these changes wouldn’t hurt users, a new webmaster tool shows that search changes have in fact affected some websites in the past few days.

According to data taken by Searchmetrics and confirmed by Bleeping Computer, Google’s search algorithm has been working


System Requirements:


: 1.4GHz Dual-Core or higher CPU
: 1.4GHz Dual-Core or higher CPU RAM: 1GB of memory
1GB of memory OS: Windows 10 x64
: 2.5GHz Dual-Core CPU or higher
2.5GHz Dual-Core CPU or higher RAM: 2GB of memory
2GB of memory OS: Windows 10 x64
Technical Support Information
Technical support information about Windows can be found at Microsoft.com/windows/support. To file a



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