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How to download the ELS Vocoder “Vocoder vs. Vocoder”:
1) Go to the NuGet Packages Menu : click here or on the item “Ellingson Luo – NuGet Packages”
2) Click on the “” link which is in the “Reference” section, then on “Package Source”.
3) This will lead you to a link to download the package.
Download the “correct version 33e89ea654

It includes a rendering engine to animate LDraw parts, including 2D texts, solids, wireframes, etc..  LD4DStudio offers a dynamic scene that can be previewed in real time and exported as a single file in two different formats – as animated GIF or as a video file!

Important Note:
Pro version has a lot of new features that the free version doesn’t have!

Main features:

Allows to load models from external

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