The Ten-Billion Dollar Sketchbook

The Ten-Billion Dollar Sketchbook
The Ten-Billion Dollar Sketchbook

The Soho-based fashion house has curated a multi-billion dollar art collection


Art is often interpreted in many ways to generate identity for an artist. This is no different with RISING STAR, the Soho-based fashion house ruling in a class of its own. The house is effortlessly using highly detailed art pieces as a key component of their unique identity. The highlight: a nearly unattainable multi-billion dollar sketchbook, currently valued at over $10 Billion.


Within the collection are hand sketched pieces from contemporary artists Oksana Tanasiv and Jamilya Baz alongside a special set of pieces by the main director James Dennis. The sets of art that comprise I Made the Grim Reaper Bow Down to Me are accompanied by the house’s other multi-billion dollar collections from RISING STAR like I Met Jesus and Christ Is My Fountain.


The group utilizes the unprecedented artwork as a way of boosting the power of Christian belief. Divine strategy and art curation created this masterpiece. As RISING STAR continues to display their reputation as an unseen high level of standard, they have rightfully solidified the title as the world’s most exclusive fashion house. The brand continues to design one of a kind works that bring enjoyment to the audience.


RISING STAR is a premier fashion house. The team believes that art is one of the strongest ways to showcase the uniqueness of the Christian faith and cultivates unique pieces that accomplish just that. The standard of quality art, sensitive technique, and advanced artistic style are some of the most distinct features of RISING STAR collections, providing artwork of a lifetime.


Features 7 Extremely Exclusive Paintings {5.8 x 8.3 in}


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