Mailroom System to Reduce Lost Packages

Mailroom System

A significant amount of time and effort are spent sorting packages and mail in the mailrooms. In many cases, a minor mistake or oversight could cause lost packages. Loss or damaged packages can cost a lot for mailrooms when they have to pay the recipient. It is a huge loss for those who have to wait for packages to arrive in time. But, mailroom system can reduce the expense and inconvenience of lost mail by improving the process of processing mail with software for tracking postal mail.

This software is especially beneficial for large mailroom system such as campuses at universities where they deal with hundreds of packages and letters each day for faculty, students and staff. Mail recipients can avoid stress caused by lost or delayed mail by using postal tracking software that keeps an track of the whereabouts and status of packages.


Postal tracking systems speed up process of entering data as well as sorting processes in the mail room. Once a package has arrived being scanned, its information is instantly changed within the system. The recipient is then informed that their package has been delivered.

This real-time paperless system eliminates confusion and confusion and offers complete transparency about the location of the packages. The recipients will also inform about the estimated time for delivery, so that they be aware of the time they should expecting their package, and be ready.


A reliable system for tracking postal packages can also stop packages from getting lost. Because this chain of custody system continuously maintained by mailroom system personnel. And delivery drivers reviewing packages for scanning. They have transparency and accountability for the location of the last known address for the item. This helps eliminate a lot of errors within the process, and makes it more efficient. With this program, mailroom staff and delivery drivers also require to have electronic evidence of signatures for delivery.

HOW It Works?

The signatures are immediately updated within the system. The last person to sign to the delivery is the one responsible to the delivery. If an item goes missing documents such as proof of delivery as well as chain of custody can help locate the package. If it’s not an issue, the person responsible for the chain of custody is able to pay the recipient of the package.

While mailroom system rarely lose packages, if the do happen, they may result in serious consequences, and even expenses. Postal tracking software is able to simplify and speed up the process of processing mail in mailrooms. It also helps reduce the burden and expense of lost packages, especially those that require time. For those who are who are waiting for the important package you can track your packages and be in peace of being aware of when to anticipate their deliveries.

Mailroom System Got a Boost During Covid-19

At the time of COVID-19’s introduction the communal mailrooms of housing complexes — condominiums, apartments townhomes and others subject to an astronomical increase in parcels because of the sudden global dependence on online shopping amid lockdowns. The report stated that this surge in online shopping led to an increase that saw 74% more packages that were delivered in the month of March 2020 than in 2019.

The restrictions of the pandemic and the stay-at home mandates were a major factor in the increase in demand for delivery products. Consumers forced to switch all of their requirements for shopping to delivery via online. The delivery of online goods was no longer solely based on retail sales. But instead heavily dependent on a booming online marketplace for everyday essentials. Such as groceries medicines, toilet paper and various other household products.

Wrap Up

The COVID-19 parcel-geddon is not an easy experience for residents of mailrooms all over the world. But the best effective results begin in chaos followed by a focused revision. Eventually leading to the possibility of scalable expansion. With better control and an instantaneous way of communicating between the property manager and tenants and property management. Software for the mailroom system is first move towards the possibility of distributing parcels effectively in our ever-changing digital world.


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