What Historical Themes Are Popular at Online Casinos

What Historical Themes Are Popular at Online Casinos
What Historical Themes Are Popular at Online Casinos

What are historical slots? They are not the slots developed a few centuries ago. These are slots that have a historical theme based on an event, figure, a period of time, culture and more. In other words, the slots that have themes based on historical events and people are known as historical slots. The real question is what are historical casino games and how many there are? There are millions but there are a few themes used these days.

Ancient Egypt slots

Here we can see that slots based on ancient Egypt are the most popular of them all. There are literally thousands of them at any online casino and each one is a bit different. The best example are Cleopatra slots. They are based on ancient Egypt but have the main accent on the historical figure.

Many other games of this type are based on pharaohs, pyramids, exploration and etc. There are games that feature famous explorers into the gameplay and offer matching gambling experience. What this means is that a gambler will be led through various missions, quests and similar putting him in the shoes of adventurers and explorers.

Historical themes have inspired slots, table games, pokies and so much more. Some of the best online pokies real money gambling use an ancient Egypt theme. They are truly special and truly desirable to play.

A while back, the two most common and most popular types of slots were Asia and Egypt slots. They are different in nature but usually come with massive bonuses and promotions.

Viking slots

All Viking slots have one thing in common and one thing we obviously must explain. They have stunning graphics. This is because those games have a lot of details and a lot of attention is focused on each one.

Viking-based games feature a detailed background, detailed characters and also detailed weapons. They are paired with Nordic mythology in some situations, of course, and they come with great jackpots.

An interesting fact is that these online games have been so popular that completely new online casinos with the same theme were launched. These days you can play slots and other games as casinos which have tons of similarities with your favorite slot game.

Make sure that some slots of this theme are based on actual Viking, ancient people from Scandinavia. Other slots like Vikings Video Slot by NetEnt is a game based on a TV show from 2013. We will probably see more and more games of this kind.

Chinese history slots

Online casino history is truly remarkable and something all professional gamblers should read at some point. Many of those online establishments were founded in China or focused on Chinese gamblers. This is one of the reasons why we can see almost countless Chinese history slots.

These games are very popular today and they have been known to offer a different, more specific and original user interface than any other. Those games are inspired by emperors, clans, generals and so much more. There are also a special sub-type of these games which are based on ancient China, without any major elements or figures.

So, if you are interested in Chinese inspired slots and you would like real online casino deposit $1 to use on those slots, we recommend games developed by NetEnt, Microgaming and others, large software developers.

Chinese theme slots are especially appreciated for their sound effects and music. The games are calming to play and they offer great overall experience. The attention to detail is stunning as well.

Pirate slots

Pirate theme slots are rarest of them all. For example, at any online casino, we can see 20-30 ancient Egypt slots but just a handful of pirate slots. When it comes to complexity and design, these slots have plenty of detail and great animations.

Some of the best animations actually come from games of this kind. Shooting from large ships, guns and weapons all contribute to the fact. Many, if not all, slots will offer the main character like a ship captain with a wooden leg. This is basically the case with all the pirate slots.
Pirate games are more appealing to play than you may believe. They feature hidden treasure, offer stunning exploration capabilities and so much more. The story is also above average.

Historical figure slots

This type of slots is a bit generic and it may cover slots with other themes. For example, we have mention Queen Cleopatra game and it is the best example. What this means is that you will play a slot with standard, a well-known and occasional theme seen in other slots, but the main features will be placed on the person whose name is in the slot.

There are countless examples, such as Napoleon slots, Nicola Tesla, Cesar, Da Vinci, and many others. Each one is special and comes with a unique set of advantages and gameplay. What’s important to know is that all of these slots have the story based or at least focused partially on the name who inspired the game.

The final word

Historical slots are truly remarkable. If you like history, if you are interested in playing a game that features your favorite historical figure, now you know where to look. Just make sure that these are slots with bonuses and promotions. Use them and you will have great odds for winning big time.

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