The Rise of Bingo Online and Its Advantages

The Rise of Bingo Online and Its Advantages
The Rise of Bingo Online and Its Advantages

For decades, bingo was played within the confines of bingo halls. It was seen as the pursuit of older women, who would attend bingo halls in social groups. Now, the average bingo player is still a woman, but she plays on a mobile, tablet or laptop in her own home on up–and–coming and popular sites such as new cassava bingo sites. These websites accept payments in the form of major debit and credit cards. Some even accept PayPal account transfers to facilitate most of the players. They even accept online funding options. The bonuses that these websites offer at the start in the form of joining/deposit bonuses or in between games as loyalty bonuses are also routed through these methods of payment.

The internet world is loaded with casinos that are offering the latest games in the market. Traditional games are also present to please every type of player. The innumerous advantages of playing online have led to the transition of many players from land to online casinos. Not only do online casinos allow you to play from the comfort of your home, but it also makes playing endless popularity. Online gambling has led to the survival of any forms of gambling which were very popular in the earlier days but have now been almost forgotten in the social circuit. Bingo is one such game. This game was so popular in the earlier days that it was played in every social and happy gathering. Bingo is a game that many thought wouldn’t do well online. In fact, when the first online bingo sites were launched more than 15 years ago, many thought that online bingo will never become a trend, but will remain more of a fringe, some sort of a substitute for land-based bingo that takes place at conventional bingo halls that will never reach a similar degree of popularity.

Bingo was among the first games in the gambling world to shift to its online format. It was first available as Bingo Zone way back in 1996. Individuals had to give their location details to access this game and depending on the respective locations the players would get to see advertisements.

For those who tend to play typical online games such as first-person shooter or adventure games, the idea of playing online bingo might be one which threatens to cramp their style. Even casual observers who’ve seen bingo game ads on the TV might wonder why such a simple game could be popular in a gaming industry where customers are increasingly demanding only the best graphics and sound.

However, the reality is that many players of online bingo are not adrenaline junkies looking for their next gaming thrill. Instead, they enjoy playing the same simple, low key games that they played before the internet existed, as now they can play them in a different medium. You may be surprised to hear that online bingo is one of the most popular games played online. In fact, according to the UK Gambling Commission, within the last eight years, online bingo has gone from being a game enjoyed by 50,000 players to over 300,000! And, the same commission explained that UK users spend over £6.8 billion on online bingo each year.

Another reason why online bingo is such a popular choice of game for many players is the chance to play for money. Progressive jackpots that grow daily as several days pass without a winner can reach hundreds of thousands of pounds and the chance of hitting it big is hugely attractive to a large number of players.


Online bingo can now be accessed while traveling, sunbathing, or anywhere really, so it really does offer so much flexibility. Most of the games are generally quite short and fast-paced too, so it’s the perfect game to play on the go.
You’re good to go after depositing some money into your account. Search the site for the available bingo games and choose the one you like. Later on, you can purchase as many tickets as you want. Different categories of tickets are sold for different prices depending on your preferred website.

The cost of your purchased tickets is automatically deducted from your online account.

Your PC or mobile device will automatically record the numbers once the games begin. This will go a long way in case you’re not fast enough to capture them.



Nearly every online bingo site these days has a social hub or forum, and all players have the opportunity to interact and chat away 24/7. Bingo originated as a low-cost game for all to play amongst friends, so it’s nice to know that this has transferred well to the online world. Online chat rooms exist so that you can connect with like-minded people and make new friends. Nevertheless, be wary of sharing sensitive information with strangers.

Bingo is a global game, but some may not know that it comes with at least a few regional variants. Players in the UK and the US didn’t use to play the same bingo variant, at least until the emergence of online bingo when this opportunity became possible.

The variant that is most renowned and most played in the UK is 90-ball bingo, whereas Americans are more accustomed to 75-ball bingo. Many players in both countries weren’t aware that on the other side of the pond, bingo fans had a different idea of what bingo is.

If you’re playing bingo online, you will have a chance to switch between 75-ball and 90-ball bingo, without any hassle, in a matter of minutes. That is the first advantage of online bingo in comparison with conventional bingo. Most bingo halls offer just one version of bingo, and there aren’t too many options regarding ticket prices and potential prizes either.


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