Crypto Entrepreneurs Fail to Capture Elon Musk’s Attention With $600,000 Goat Statue

Crypto Entrepreneurs Fail to Capture Elon Musk’s Attention With $600,000 Goat Statue
Crypto Entrepreneurs Fail to Capture Elon Musk’s Attention With $600,000 Goat Statue

Austin, Texas — Even as a chilly night began to set in outside Tesla headquarters on Saturday, a group of crypto entrepreneurs said they had named Elon Musk’s £12,000 musk goat coin.

This is the latest gimmick in the crypto industry, jokes and memes about digital currency are regularly flooding social media. But 6-ton carving as a marketing gimmick is not that common.

The creators of Elon GOAT say that the name of their cryptocurrency was inspired by a tribute to Mr. Musk. They and his other fans consider him “The Greatest Ever” or “GOAT”. They took the praise literally and spent $600,000 to carve a masked head with a gold-plated Dogecoin necklace on the goat’s body. Missiles can point and move in the sky as if they were taking off. A gas pipe runs through it, so the flame escapes from behind.

They took it to Tesla headquarters in the hope that Musk would receive the gift. The creators call this event “GOATS Giving”.
But about two hours after the Elon GOAT co-founder parked the sculpture next to the Tesla building, the mask was gone.

Tesla security officer Dustin Daly approached a group of about 15 people and said that they could not accept the carving instead of Musk, but would find a place for it on their property if Musk allowed it.

So far, though, Musk hasn’t indicated if he accepted it or knew there was a carving. Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

“I’m sure you know that,” Daly said of the sculpture, “it’s all over Twitter.”

Elon GOAT co-founder and CMO Alec Woolvert said he plans to camp on public land next to the toll road leading to the event site until Musk accepts the sculpture.

“We’ll stay here as long as we can,” Walbert said. “I’ve heard some people say they’ll be bound by it.”

The idea for the sculpture was born last year. Elon GOAT co-founder Ashley Sansalone said:

Crypto entrepreneurs commissioned Kevin Stone, a metal sculptor from British Columbia, Canada, to create a giant sculpture of Mr. Mask’s head. The goal is to get over 118 million Twitter followers about this sculpture and raise awareness for his Elon GOAT cryptocurrency.
What Elon is tweeting us justifies the token,” Sansalone, 40, said.

Sansalone said he works full-time on the tokens, having previously run a construction company and traded energy. Unlike Bitcoin, Ether or Dogecoin, the Elon GOAT token is far from the common name of a cryptocurrency. According to CoinMarketCap, it is not among the largest cryptocurrencies by market value.

Mr. Stone made Mr. Musk’s head, which took almost half a year. Sansalone said the goat’s body and rocket were made in Phoenix to speed up the project. I then assembled all the parts and installed them on the back of a 70 foot semi trailer.

DeMarco Hill, 51, who saw the statue in September in Goodyear, Arizona, said: “I was amazed when I first saw the statue. He grabbed my 12 year old son and they followed him. ever seen in my life.”

Mr. Hill, a truck driver who owns his own Stay Ready Trucking company, found these stunts so interesting that he found Mr. Sansalone and asked if he could participate because only people with special rights can drive on the track. heap of metal.

Since then, he has toured California, Arizona, and Washington DC before bringing his sculptures to Texas. Drivers honk and give thumbs up, Hill says.
“When you park your car on the side of the road, it’s like a crowd of people,” he said. “He’s going crazy.”

Sansalone said the sculpture received a generally positive response. I have never heard of anyone mistaking a masked face for someone else’s face. Sansalone spoke about Musk, the richest man in the world, who recently bought Twitter Inc. for $44 billion: “I think he’s probably the most important person on the planet right now.

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