Is Timothy Leeks Dead joel osteen twitter memes Or Alive ? Known As Lun Tim

Is Timothy Leeks Dead Or Alive ? Known As Lun Tim
Is Timothy Leeks Dead Or Alive ? Known As Lun Tim

Timothy Leeks, an American rapper, is well-known joel osteen twitter memes for shooting and killing his colleague, King Von, on November 6, 2020. Timothy Leeks is actually Lu Tim. We’ll be discussing details in this article as he was reportedly shot multiple time.

It was posted on the internet.

Timothy Leeks, who shot King Von to death in the head, was arrested by police and released on $100,000 bail from Fulton County jail in March 2021.

Timothy Leeks and King Von

How old are Timothy Leeks?

Timothy Leeks, also known as Lun Tim, was born September 1, 1998. He is now 24 years old if he is still alive. His birth sign is Virgo.

His birth sign is Virgo, so making predictions based off that indicates that such people are humble, self-effecting, practical and industrious.

Timothy Leeks shot

Is Timothy Leeks still alive or dead? According to reports, the rapper was shot six times on July 15, 2021. However, information regarding his death or life expectancy is still unknown.

If Incase survived the gunshots, then he may have been critically ill and likely admitted to hospital. However, there are not many details.

Fans of King Von speculated after the report that Timothy Leeks could have been shot by King Von or a friend.

Timothy Leeks and King Von

King Von killer Timothy Leeks updates

King Von, the rapper’s killer, was reportedly shot several times in 2022. However, his family is yet to find out his location or make public his whereabouts.

If the shot is connected to King Von’s murder, then it is risky for him to make his whereabouts public.

Leeks was charged with conspiracy or attempt to violate Georgia Controlled Substance Act. He also received stolen property and theft. Leeks was arrested after police confiscated 15 pounds of marijuana, $16,000, and guns during an August investigation.

The video shows a confrontation between two groups in Atlanta outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge on Friday morning (Nov.6). The argument eventually escalated into gunfire.

A club officer on duty and another off-duty officer witnessed the incident unfold, and they intervened by firing their guns. King Von was among the three victims who died. Three other men, unidentified, were also taken to a local hospital for treatment of gunshot wounds.

The Atlanta police have Leeks in custody and consider the case closed. However, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation will now investigate the case to determine whether any victims of gunfire were struck by Atlanta police.

King Von’s alleged murderer is being released on $100,000 bond

Fulton County Court records were obtained by XXL magazine. Timothy Leeks was granted $100,000 bond. Although the release date is not listed in county data, Quando Rondo posted a welcome back message to his associate, Lul Tim, which he goes by the stagename Lul Tim.

Tracy Flanagan (Senior Public Information Officer) told XXL that Leeks was still in jail as of Saturday afternoon. However, Flanagan confirmed that Leeks has a $100,000 bond and would be fitted with an ankle monitor upon his release.

This report comes four months after Leeks was arrested in connection with Von’s death. The fatal incident took place outside of an Atlanta nightclub on November 6, 2020. It was the result of an altercation that quickly turned into gunfire between two groups. Von was one of the victims and was transferred immediately to a hospital. He was declared dead soon after.

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