How to debunk myths about fats fetishism

For some individuals, it’s somewhat difficult to imagine fat people having sex. While its body shaking and mockery most of the time, others might be somewhat concerned. Nonetheless, it doesn’t excuse the fact that most people really can’t imagine fat people having sex and hence, it’s regarded as fat fetishism. As a fat person, getting whom to date might be somewhat difficult although, we all have preferences and that someone doesn’t like fat individuals doesn’t mean the other person won’t. However, it is important to note that the sex community always prefers the slimmer ones to the fat ones. Over time, we’ve been made to believe that the ideal body type fit for sex and relationships are those with a slimmer waist and petite body with nobody fats. 

These are extreme assumptions to think that being a fat body doesn’t qualify one to have a satisfying relationship where the other person accepts you the way you are. Some HD porn videos are such that they feature fat ladies, and the entire process is always an interesting sight to behold. So, irrespective of whether you might think fat bodies don’t deserve sex, you are very much wrong. Body size does not qualify one for a relationship, neither doesn’t it predicts how much you’ll enjoy sex. There are several individuals with body fat that enjoy sex more and have better sex than those with petite bodies. Nonetheless, it all depends on the mindset of the abused. Fat fetishism is one extreme form of sexual fantasies, and most individuals misinterpret it the wrong way. So, there are several myths surrounding the concept of fat fetishism, although these should be discarded. 

Here are some of the few ways to debunk fat fetishism

  • Work on your self-confidence: 

The moment you begin to care less about what others have to say concerning your body, it becomes less of an anthem. The only reason why they still find it somewhat interesting to body-shame you are because, over time, you’ve allowed them. When you pay less attention to what they have to say, and you don’t allow these things to get to you, it becomes somewhat easier for you to overcome. All you need to do is build your self-confidence. 

  • Learn from other fat individuals: 

If you’ve ever witnessed a fat person deal with body-shaming, and it amuses you, you should learn from them. Most times, most individuals that are comfortable with their bodies are porn stars. So, the more porn videos you watch, the higher the probability of you becoming confident in your body. So, watch as many porn clips as possible to gather more confidence. 

  • Accept yourself first: 

Most times, the reason why body-shaming and fat fetishism get to you is that you haven’t accepted yourself first. Some individuals are such that they don’t like themselves for having extra fats. Until you learn to accept yourself and have self-worth, it might be somewhat impossible for you to escape body-shaming. 

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